Route Optimization with Machine Learning

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RoutePatch is a machine learning based route optimization tool, it aims to change and improve the inside mechanism of delivery apps. RoutePatch solves the vehicle routing optimization problem in a novel manner in order to provide an easy-to-use and highly efficient algorithm to customers.

With RoutePatch you can save time, gas and other expenses. RoutePatch helps to dispatch your delivery in record time using advanced machine learning technologies. It matches routes to drivers and trucks dinamically considering the traffic, estimated gas-consumption, time and your priorities.

Optimize your Route Planning

RoutePatch is really based on Machine Learning. It solves the vehicle routing problem (matching drivers to routes) in record time and precision.

Lower your cost

RoutePatch considers you, your time, your priorities. It can save up to 20% of gas consumption for each delivery.

Plug and play

RoutePatch is a plugin, you can use it for any delivery framework you have, just plug it in and start the optimization.

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